6.- Water recovery

Management of water has been studied in detail. One basic premise has been followed at all times: to recover as much of the water used in the building as possible. Clearly, it is impossible to recover all the water, particularly in the case of a building that houses laboratories. Firstly, all of the rainwater to fall on the roof is collected. Here, there is 75% green roof which makes an initial filter of rainwater. Secondly, there is the grey water which, after being subject to a recycling process, is used in full for the sanitation system. These are the sources of water provided by the building that can be put to use. 

In addition, there is water from the laboratories. This water contains the remains of the products used in the laboratories which, if discharged directly into the sewage system might harm the environment. As a result, water from the laboratories is subject to prior treatment before being discharged into the system.  

Water management diagram